Performance Management 

As a manager, perhaps the single most important function you are tasked with is managing the performance of your employees. Performance management entails the process, and all of the challenges, associated with defining, measuring, and directing employee performance in order to meet organizational goals and achieve continuous organizational improvement (Hartog, Boselie, Paauwe, 2004). Performance management is no longer about simply conducting yearly employee reviews and pointing out shortcomings in performance. Instead, it is an integrated process, whereas managers engage employees year-round, developing goals, providing constructive feedback throughout the year, and developing corrective plans of action, if necessary. This module will examine how to initiate and manage this performance review process, with the goal of meeting employee developmental needs and organizational goals. Den Hartog, D. N., Boselie, P., & Paauwe, J. (2004). Performance management: A model and research agenda. Applied psychology, 53(4), 556-569.

  • Define employee performance expectations and goals 
  • Learn to develop measurable, quantifiable goals
  • Understand corrective action techniques to get employees back on track
  • Learn how to provide timely, constructive employee feedback